Pacer Pumps Serve A Wide Variety Of Markets And Applications

For over 40 years, Pacer Pumps have proven to be the most economical and dependable thermoplastic pumps used across multiple industries, markets and applications.  We take pride in our world-wide market acceptance and in our ability to provide excellent customer service for our domestic and international customers.  Markets served are shown below.  

  • Agriculture

    Pacer Pumps are well-suited for transferring water, fertilizers, herbicides and most agriculture chemicals.  Their most popular use is for transferring ag solutions on nurse trailers which allows farmers to move chemical storage from one area to another.

  • Aquaculture

    Pacer Pumps are perfect for transferring water between holding tanks, lakes or ponds, recirculation of holding tanks, in conjunction with low-pressure filtration and emergency aeration.  Pacer Pumps are used by fish and lobster farmers. 

  • Marine

    Pacer Pumps are used to dewater flooded compartments, pump out bilge areas, wash-down deck and netting, enhance vessel fire protection and support refrigeration chillers.  Hydraulic-driven pumps are ideal for many commercial fishing vessels.  Pacer Pumps are typically installed at several locations on deck.  Their lightweight and portable design make them ideal for workboats, tugboats and repair barges.

    Pacer Pumps also offers diesel-powered pumps that comply with EPA Tier V Emission Regulations.

  • Farm/Home

    Pacer Pumps have many uses around the farm, ranch or home.  Transferring water between tanks or silos, feeding livestock, draining/filling pools, aerating lakes and ponds, removing water from flooded areas or basins, small irrigation projects are great examples of where you will see a Pacer Pump in action.  Our Fire Fighting System can help extinguish or control a fire utilizing water from a nearby stream, lake, pond or pool.

  • Industrial

    Pacer Pumps can be used to transfer water or mild chemistries in certain processing applications.  Our pumps can be used to keep worksites and excavations dry when dewatering is needed and they can help remove water from flooded landscape and structures.  Pacer Pumps can also be used for dust control or pre-treatment and de-icing applications where brine tanks are utilized for treatment of roads and runways.  Pacer Pumps can also be found on hydro seeding equipment used by landscape companies.

    Industrial sites can take advantage of lower cost plastic pump technology when dealing with water or mild chemistries in non-critical applications. 

What about Aggressive Chemistries and High-Temp applications? 

Pacer Pumps are not suitable for all environments, such as aggressive chemistries or high temperature processes. For those applications, please contact our parent company who can help provide the best pump and filtration system for your specific application.