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Pacer Pumps provides a variety of pumps for agriculture, aquaculture, marine, farm/home and industrial markets.  From our most popular "S" Series to our hand-operated "HP" Series pumps, we are confident that we will have the pump to fit your specific application.  Browse our Pump Series pages and review the Pump/Driver Matrix to learn more about what we can offer.  If you need technical support, please contact Pacer Pumps at 1-800-233-3861 or send inquiry to 


General Notes on Pump Selection

Selection of the proper pump for a particular application is dependent upon a number of factors such as:  material compatibility, liquid being pumped, pump location, pump size, pump type, pump speed and horsepower.  Here are some general guidelines to help you make the right choice.

Materials must be compatible with the liquid being pumped.  Plastics or polymers may react differently depending on the type of solution or liquid being used.  Temperature of solution is also a factor.  Pacer Pumps are not ideal for agressive chemicals or high temperature processes.  Internal pump parts like seals and o-rings must also be compatible with the liquid being pumped.

Our pumps are of horizontal design coupled with a variety of drivers which achieve multiple flow/pressure combinations.  Different pump internals can also be used to achieve various flow and pressure combinations.  Centrifugal pumps typically operate at speeds of 1725 RPM or 3450 RPM.  The low RPM pump has half the flow, one fourth the pressure and requires one eighth the horsepower of the high RPM pump.

Pump ratings are based on moving a liquid with a specific gravity (SG) of 1. When specific gravities higher than 1 are encountered, oversized drivers must be utilized. 

In order to achieve a desired flow and pressure, the pump selected must provide a Total Discharge Head (TDH) at the given flow which must exceed the desired discharge pressure plus friction losses resulting from the length of pipe or hose, fittings and valves in the line along with any other impediments to flow within the line.

In any pumping system, valves should be selected to maintain the pump prime, control flow and pressure at desired levels. 

Pump and Driver Matrix 

The matrix shown below will allow you to see the various pump series and drivers that we offer.  The driver is your preferred method of rotating the pump's impeller.  Close-coupled configuration is more compact and the pump is mounted directly to your specified driver.  Long-coupled configurations create more separation between your pump and driver.  This configuration takes up more space as it utilizes a bearing pedestal and flexible coupling between your pump and driver.  

Download Matrix PDF

DriversGasoline EngineDiesel EngineElectric MotorHydraulic MotorPedestal MountHand Operated
S X X X X X  
T X X     X  
I X X   X X  
G X   X X X  
A X X X X X  
PC X X X X X  
HP X         X
DP     X