Warranty / Return Authorizations


Product Warranty Policy

Any new Pacer Pumps product* that may prove to be defective within one (1) year from date of shipment, if returned transportation charges are paid, will be repaired or replaced at no charge FOB Lancaster, Pennsylvania, provided such merchandise show defects in original workmanship or materials.  The decision to repair or replace will be rendered by our Service Manager or OEM warranty station, after examination of the product claimed to be defective.  In all cases, the official Pacer Pumps limited warranty statement will serve as the guideline for repair and adjustment of claims in and out of warranty.

* Certain components, such as mechanical seals, ceramic liners, impellers, pistons, hose, diaphragms, etc. may be subject to wear, and therefore wear should not be misconstrued as to the existence of a defect and as such would not be included in a warranty claim, nor should it be implied that items such as this will last a year without occasional, or even frequent replacement depending upon the severity of the application.

WARNING:  Any modification, alteration, improper installation or application of Pacer Pumps equipment will void any warranty and could result in property damage and/or personal injury.

Pacer Pumps does not warranty engines or motors.  Motors and engines carry the warranty of their respective manufacturers and therefore, inquiries regarding these items should not be directed to Pacer Pumps but to the manufacturer's authorized warranty station.

For materials manufactured by Pacer Pumps, a return authorization number must be obtained from our Service Manager or any member of our Sales Department.

For permission to return merchandise, call Pacer Pumps toll free at 800-233-3861.

Under no circumstances will Pacer Pumps or any Division or person, be liable for any charges for damages, losses, delays, failure of water supplies or labor charges arising from any cause whatsoever.

Damage during transit is not the responsibility of Pacer Pumps.  Transit claims should be made directly to the carrier for adjustments.  See Freight Damage Guidelines.  Debits before final settlement will not be accepted.  Debits will only occur after warranty evaluation.

Freight Damage Guidelines


1.  Upon arrival of freight, check for exterior damage to cartons.  If damage is evident, mark "Subject to Count and Inspection" on the freight carrier's bill before signing for merchandise.  If possible, open merchandise and thoroughly inspect for damage.

2.  Do not let the driver tell you that you can't open the merchandise to inspect.  If the driver insists that you cannot inspect, ask driver to contact his supervisor or dispatcher so you can speak with them.  You have the right to inspect shipment.

3.  Once it is confirmed that merchandise is damaged, do not throw away the cartons or inner packing.  The same carton the damaged merchandise was in must be retained for inspection by the freight company.

4.  Call the freight lines and ask for an inspector to come and inspect the merchandise.  

5.  You must fill out claim form obtained from freight company.  Claim must include copy of inspection report, delivery bill, invoice and paid freight bill if claiming freight charges.  Mail this claim form as directed by freight company.

6.  You must pay the freight bill as usual.

7.  Loss or damage discovered after unpacking must be immediately reported to the carrier who will make an inspection and furnish a concealed damage report.  File the claim against delivering carrier.

8.  Do not return the damaged freight to Pacer Pumps.  If the freight company pays for the claim in full, they will come and pick up the merchandise.  If the damage is not extensive, the freight company may allow for repair of merchandise.  Contact Pacer Pumps Service Manager at (800) 233-3861 for assistance with repairs of damaged products.

Returning Pump Assemblies to Pacer Pumps

Before returning any pump assemblies to Pacer Pumps, it is critical that you contact our Service Manager for a Return Authorization Number.  This applies to returns for warranty evaluation, repair estimates and product re-stocking.

Product returned to Pacer Pumps must be sent PREPAID unless an exception has been authorized by the Service Manager.

All products should be packed securely to prevent damage during transit.

Pursuant to Federal Regulation 49 CFR Parts 171-185, a shipper may be held accountable for the shipping of hazardous material. All hazardous materials (gasoline, oil, diesel fuel and pump end liquids) should be drained from pump/engine assembly prior to shipment.  Pacer Pumps will refuse delivery of contaminated pumps and/or parts.  If any hazardous materials are found during the evaluation of returned items, Pacer Pumps will safely discard the entire unit and assess a disposal fee to the customer.

All returned items must be clearly marked with Return Authorization Number.

Shipment Label Example

Pacer Pumps
RMA # 123456
41 Industrial Circle
Lancaster, PA 17601